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1st Dump Trailer Owner Story in Patchogue for Junk Removal

How we Started:

JunkTrashOut.com started as a Clean-Out of The Elm Street Marina that Matteo purchased which needed a lot of junk and debris removed. After contacting many Junk Removal companies online, he came to find out that every company had one thing in common, NO CONSISTENCY IN PRICING! He received quotes of thousands of dollars with the only available dates of many weeks away! One company even charged him a deposit fee of $1,500.00 on his credit card for a $300.00 quote to drop off the dumpster and an additional $95.00 per ton for content!  These prices are ridiculous!  Also, each website gave a different quote for how many dumpsters would be needed for this clean up so Matteo decided to call his buddy John and pick up some BWise Ultimate Dump Container Trailers and Heavy Equipment to do it themselves.  Since they bought so many they decided to start their own business to help others with similar clean up issues that can benefit from simple price-lists and a stress free company with a good crew!  Matteo always say's: "Relax, we've got this, cause there is no job too big or too SMALL!!!"